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May 22 2011

From November 9th to 9 Days

Okay, so I couldn’t think of any catchier way to say “Ahh, I only have 9 more days left until Teach for America begins!”

On another note, AHHHHH, I only have 9 more days left until my Teach for America adventure begins!

As mentioned in title, I received my offer from TFA on November 9th, 2010. WOW! That seems ages ago! Nonetheless, I am finally ready for the speculation and allure of Teach of America to finally wear off and for me to get my feet wet already. Although I am tremendously excited for this opportunity, it will be very tough knowing that I am leaving my boo for the next 2 years. It’s kind of deflating seeing how so many of the incoming CM’s are moving with their significant others (I’m just jealous..really I’m for you all!) when that cannot happen for us. My boo is going to our medical school-he’s living his dream as am I and we are both totally content with that! Regardless, I’m starting in little under two weeks so it stinks that I’m already starting and he has to wait a couple more months. Despite the rather solemn tone, we have already planned our Skype dates, monthly book readings, and ¬†organized our Google calendars so we should be fine!

With that being said, I am so VERY VERY VERY excited for my new chapter in life to begin! Financially, I am not. I have financed my way through college and have no moneyyyyy. And no car. We’ll see how this plays out. But more importantly, to have the chance to lead, influence, and guide children is still blowing my mind. While I’ll be the first to admit that I’m my own biggest fan (and am hoping this confidence will certainly help throughout TFA), I’ve definitely been feeling skeptical and apprehensive as I realize that summer school is right around the corner! What if I don’t teach elementary school during institute? Am I prepared to potentially teach ESL, science, or even high school math? I honestly wouldn’t mind if this were happen, I just want to be the best prepared teacher as possible!

I know this is has been a random entry with various tangents but I wanted to give another shoutout to the 2010 SA corps members before I sign-off. I have chatted with several of them on Facebook and have asked them questions about life outside of TFA, professional development, and other subjects outside of the classroom. While they do answer the questions, they ALWAYS mention how they are always focused on teaching the kids and teaching the kids solely!

Wait. But what about presenting at conferences? And traveling to different workshops? And community services?!

Regardless of any additional opportunity or happening, the ones who I have spoken to always express their first priority being the kids. I don’t know…this isn’t anything extravagant but I sure as heck appreciate it. No, really. I’m all for some undying optimism so this really encourages me!

Eh, yeah sorry this was very random and definitely unorganized but oh well.


Next weekend: last minute trip to MD to see my friends from back in the day

May 31st (butt crack of dawn): flight to San Antonio

May 31st (little after lunch): TExES Special Education exam

June 1st: Induction

June 5th: Institute


5 Responses

  1. G

    Oh Cam…I was in your shoes a year ago…the time has flown by so quickly. It hasn’t been easy but it’s definitely been an adventure, and you’ll meet some of the greatest people (adults and children alike) that you will ever meet…THAT I promise you!

  2. naush

    I definitely feel you about having to part ways with your bf, I am in the same boat and not too excited about that part at all! I’m sure it’s do-able, just going to be kind of rough! As for your post being composed of random thoughts, I’m sure a lot of us are feeling just as all over the place so no worries :)

  3. Wess

    Love you. Can’t wait for you to get here and show us your stuff.

  4. Amy

    I needed to read this today; thanks! I’m heading to the Delta June 4th.

  5. Mary Kate

    Be excited!! Us 2010s are excited for you guys to FINALLY get here!

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